3 Common Home Safety Hazards

What to Know About Home Safety HazardsThere are many hazards that can cause accidents in the home. In some cases, these hazards are obvious; other types of hazards may be less so. The following information identifies three of the most common hazards around the home and how homeowners can prevent accidents from occurring.

Home Hazard #1: Hot Water

Hot water doesn't seem like it should be a danger, but it certainly can be. The best way for homeowners to protect all members of their household from hot water is to lower the maximum temperature of the hot water heater. Most experts recommend keeping the hot water heater at a temperature no higher than 120 degrees. Some hot water heaters state on the thermostat what temperature the water is being kept at. Other hot water heaters are not this specific on their thermostat settings. In this case, it's usually best to leave the water heater at the settings recommended by the manufacturer.

Home Hazard #2: Stove/Oven

Stoves and ovens can be dangerous in the home. Stoves can be turned on inadvertently by curious young hands, while the oven can cause burns when someone comes into contact with the hot surface.

There are many ways that homeowners can protect the members of their household from these dangers.

  • Baby-proofing knobs. Locking the knobs on the stove can help prevent a young child from accidentally turning on or up the heat on the stove.
  • Oven-locking mechanism. Locks for the oven can prevent the oven door from being opened, either while it's turned on or when it's not.
  • Earthquake straps. These straps anchor the oven to the wall, so that it cannot be pulled over.

Finally, a new type of appliance called an induction stove top is good for households with small children because induction stove tops cannot burn hands on its own. While a hot pot on the stove can burn a child's fingers, the induction stove top itself only heats objects in special pots, like pots made from stainless steel.

Home Hazard #3: Stairs

One more type of danger in many households are stairs. To protect young children who are not yet steady on their feet, many homeowners use baby gates to keep their child away from stairs. Additionally, many homeowners will also carpet their stairs to create a cushion that can prevent anyone from having bad falls.

Improve Your Quality of Life: Make Your Home Safe

Homeowners will be more successful at keeping their home safe by making the necessary improvements to secure their house, as making these changes can prevent accidents from occurring. New homeowners should get started on these changes and upgrades as soon as possible.

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